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Game Initialization API

open BaboonAPI.Hooks.Initializer

The initialization API lets you perform fallible setup tasks during game startup.

type ChimpanzeePlugin() =
    inherit BaseUnityPlugin()
    member this.Awake() =
        GameInitializationEvent.EVENT.Register this
    interface GameInitializationEvent.Listener with
        member this.Initialize() =
            GameInitializationEvent.attempt this.Info (fun () ->
                raise (Exception "Oh no! We hit a problem while loading!")

Any exception thrown inside the initializer callback will be caught, and the game will safely stop loading and report the problem to the player.

Screenshot of loading error

C# Example

using BaboonAPI.Hooks.Initializer;
using BepInEx;
using HarmonyLib;

namespace Chimpanzee
    [BepInPlugin("ch.offbeatwit.chimpanzee", "Chimpanzee", "")]
    public class ChimpanzeePlugin : BaseUnityPlugin
        private Harmony _harmony = new Harmony("ch.offbeatwit.chimpanzee");
        private void Awake()
            // Register the initialization callback
            GameInitializationEvent.Register(Info, TryInitialize);
        private void TryInitialize() {
            // Do your setup tasks in here!
            // For example: if Harmony can't find the method to be patched,
            // or if a transpiler goes really wrong, it will throw!
            // Throwing an exception in here will safely stop the game loading. 
            throw new Exception("Oh no! We hit a problem while loading!");
val raise: exn: System.Exception -> 'T

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